Latest Pearls of Wisdom

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Latest Pearls of Wisdom
Latest Pearls of Wisdom  

Dreaming is the first step that you have to make. While, the act is the next step that you have to do.
Speak politely, then other’s will respect you.
Do a kindness well now.
God will never give you a problem which bigger than your ability.
The higher your position, the more responsibility you have.
If you lose be patient. If you win, stay humble.
When you have a lot of desires, you must involve a lot of action.
People who are not useful will have a lot of useless talk.
Do not judge a person from what he is doing, because you also have to know the reason why he is did it.
Only the man who is in the truth is a free man.
Every dark night is always followed by a beautiful morning.
You do not live at once. You only die once and live every day.
You will never know the true answer, before you try.
Tranquility can be found when we are with God.
If you want the respect of others, then respect yourself first.
Nothing is impossible. Anything can happen as long as we believe.
Do not blame your past, because the past will never change.
Be the good, because God likes goodness.
Happy people is not a great man in every way, but one that can find simple things in life and give thanks diligent.
The more we are grateful, the more happiness we get.
Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
Courage is not the absence of fear. Brave man is not a man who no feel afraid, but he who succeeded in the face of fear.
All people have lots of ways to tell stories, and have a different story to tell.
The main purpose of life was to help others. If you can do not help them, at least we do not hurt them.
The most powerful people are the people who trust and rely on God himself.
Life is like a piano, white and black. If God play it, all will be a beautiful melody.
Good friends who will not judge each other.
Life is a game with obstacles encountered and when there is a chance, we have to seize it.
Prudence in judging other people’s opinions is the hallmark of mental maturity.
Real power does not hit hard, but right to the target.
Do not consider ourselves not able to before trying, learning, and practice.
No need trying to be other people. Therefore, you are special and better than them.
Do not mind those who are trying to bring you down. They do it because they have to be below you.
No one has the ability to do something perfect. But each person is given a lot of opportunity to do something right.
Do not waste today worrying about tomorrow . The Mountain feels flat when we goes to peak.
The happiness will come when you are able to make other happy.
Our life is very difficult, but there are millions of more difficult life out there.
Every Trouble is your best friend. He makes you stronger and more understanding about life.
Complaining will not solve the problem. Stop complaining and act immediately!
There is a moment to talk and there is a moment to be silent.
God’s plan is always more beautiful than our desire.
If you want to get something you’ve never own, then you must do something you’ve never done before.
No one can change the past, but everyone has a power to change the future.
Getting up in the morning is a sign that you can achieve the goal’s life better than yesterday.
Choose a woman who is able to work hard and do not choose a woman who just can sue your life.
At the end of your life’s drama, you may be regretting some opportunities that you do not take.
You must pass the bad days first to get the best day in the future.
If you want a light in this life, you must remain to stand, because the light will be hard to find people who are always hiding among the bushes.
The key for a happiness is when you thankful for the grace that God has given.

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